The Secret of 2012

2012 is a leap year which took its start on Sunday according to the Gregorian or Western calender. The closer the 21st of December 2012 gets the more people start worrying. This date was supposed to be the end of the world by the ancient Maya tribes. However nobody knows for sure how will all that story end. Maybe there still would happen a great disaster that may make the humankind vanish.

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Chan Yuo- The Way of Tea

One of the unique traditions that is tightly bound with the Japanese culture is the tea ceremony or the Tea Way. In Japanese that tea ceremony is called “chan yuo”, which denotes “tea with water”. “Chan” means “tea” and “yuo” means “water”. The Japanese tea ceremony is not a simple custom but the art of hospitality.

The tea ceremony is being taught at the special schools for several years. Though the whole process may seem easy and plain there is no limit to betterment. The skills of a Japanese girl, who can meet the guests, usher them in a room and offer them a cup of aromatic tea are considered to be the highest mastery of esthetics.

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