Games Which Have Changed the World of Gaming

It hardly can be named any other sphere where the process of development is as fast as in the gaming industry. New technologies constantly emerge and it became hard to define the source of innovations. Still, there are some games which present a kind of mile stones in the history of gaming.

Some of the most innovative games are almost forgotten nowadays, but still the technological level provided by them remains in great demand. For instance, I doubt that there are a lot of fans of “The Flower game” issued in 2009. In this game you will find no enemies, or bloody wars, or complicated missions. You just guide the petal through its way and make it produce sweet sounds when touching the other flowers. The novelty of this game is that no words are used to create the plot – there is just you, music, and flower.

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The Ways Game Developers Induce Gaming Addiction

If you have some acquaintances among the computer game addicts this article will perhaps seem to be quite a disturbing one. It is based on the research carried out by the game designer Nick Yee who aimed himself at investigation of the most successful games. According to his opinion every case of addiction is just a matter of combination of time, action and reward. There is an endless number of the ways to compile all these three factors to achieve the desired behavior of a gamer.

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