History of Pilates

One of the most popular kinds of fitness today is pilates of course. This is a system of physical exercises aimed to strengthen the back muscles, improving the body posture and developing the harmony between self-image and body. Pilates received its name from the second name of Joseph Pilates. He used to be a weak and fragile child who suffered from many illnesses.

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9 Most Popular Pseudo Scientific Myths

The numerous web site, magazines and books are rich in the “scientific” facts which are supposed to be the true ones. Moreover these myths being considered to be scientifically proven facts become the basis for pseudo scientific research, sensations and similar stuff. Here is the list of the most popular pseudo scientific myths that the people really believe in.

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Olympic Sports of the Past

The Olympic Games were not always the same as we know them today. During the long history of this popular sporting event different types of sport came and passed as due to various reasons they were claimed to be inappropriate. However, may be the changes in the world of sports are to the best as nowadays we do not have to observe the killing of birds or horses competing in a long jump. So, we can only learn more about the past of the Olympic Games and wonder who the author of this or that weird idea was.

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Chan Yuo- The Way of Tea

One of the unique traditions that is tightly bound with the Japanese culture is the tea ceremony or the Tea Way. In Japanese that tea ceremony is called “chan yuo”, which denotes “tea with water”. “Chan” means “tea” and “yuo” means “water”. The Japanese tea ceremony is not a simple custom but the art of hospitality.

The tea ceremony is being taught at the special schools for several years. Though the whole process may seem easy and plain there is no limit to betterment. The skills of a Japanese girl, who can meet the guests, usher them in a room and offer them a cup of aromatic tea are considered to be the highest mastery of esthetics.

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The Ways Game Developers Induce Gaming Addiction

If you have some acquaintances among the computer game addicts this article will perhaps seem to be quite a disturbing one. It is based on the research carried out by the game designer Nick Yee who aimed himself at investigation of the most successful games. According to his opinion every case of addiction is just a matter of combination of time, action and reward. There is an endless number of the ways to compile all these three factors to achieve the desired behavior of a gamer.

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