Good and Evil

So a couple of days back I read this blog post about an elderly mormon couple that travels around the world forcing their beliefs on people around the world. That didn’t bother me, really, until I read that they “aren’t hoping to change the world, but they are hoping to make it a bit better by introducing people to Christ” or something like that (I don’t remember how exactly they phrased it). Now THIS bothers me. Even though I am Christian, I don’t understand how a person can make the world a bit better by forcing their beliefs on others. What, all the people who profess other religions are simply not able to make a difference? Is it a privilege of those who believe in Christ?
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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Release date:2010

Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

Developer: Criterion Games

Distributor: Electronic Arts

Game version: v1.05

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been developed by Criterion Games, a well-known developer of the popular racing series Burnout. The acknowledged innovators alter the basis of the customary genre and introduce a project of a game that provides the opportunity to cooperate for the gamers. It becomes possible not only to compete with other gamers via the internet but also to accomplish the missions of your allies. The basis of Need for Speed hot pursuit is the batch of the web modes that are empowered by the Need for Speed Autolog system which allows the gamers communicate, compete and compare their achievements. The extraordinary cars and the adrenaline of racing are the most precise characteristics of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. You will enjoy this best racing simulator ever for sure. Now it is possible to play along the police officers. The wide range of police cars is introduced as well.

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Soul Calibur V – Evolution of Fighting

Virtual single combats and the genre of fighting have been always popular in the world of gaming. Fighting with hordes of enemies and using different kinds of weapon can be viewed as a good way to deal with everyday stress and give a way out to your aggression in this considerably peaceful manner. And if the fighting game is well developed, the characters are interesting and the graphics is of great quality the pleasure of playing the game becomes immense. One of the best games of the fighting genre, which was recently released, is, in my opinion, “Soul Calibur V”.

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Games Which Have Changed the World of Gaming

It hardly can be named any other sphere where the process of development is as fast as in the gaming industry. New technologies constantly emerge and it became hard to define the source of innovations. Still, there are some games which present a kind of mile stones in the history of gaming.

Some of the most innovative games are almost forgotten nowadays, but still the technological level provided by them remains in great demand. For instance, I doubt that there are a lot of fans of “The Flower game” issued in 2009. In this game you will find no enemies, or bloody wars, or complicated missions. You just guide the petal through its way and make it produce sweet sounds when touching the other flowers. The novelty of this game is that no words are used to create the plot – there is just you, music, and flower.

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Travel Destinations for Golf Players

Golf is a game which teaches us to relax and concentrate on the goal to which you want to send a ball. I fall in love with this game from the first time I’ve played it – I did not show any impressive result but estimated the advantages of this kind of sports and every time I discover some new attraction in it. Now I dream of visiting the places in the world which have the richest golf history.

The Historians search for the origins of this game in the Ancient Rome, Netherlands and even China, but in my opinion, the birth place of golf is Saint Andrew in Scotland. It is also a called “Sin Valley” or “Hellish Bunker” as it is a place of concentration great passion and ardor during the open tournaments British Open. Every golf player for whom golf really mean something should play on the famous Old Course field at least once in his or her life as it is a place where the legends of golf have performed their skills. For the beginners and those who want to improve their skills there is Saint Andrew’s Link Golf Club – it includes five first class fields which were created in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of the fields, Scotscraig, faces the shore, so you have an opportunity to fulfill your aristocratic dream while enjoying marine sceneries.

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The Secret of 2012

2012 is a leap year which took its start on Sunday according to the Gregorian or Western calender. The closer the 21st of December 2012 gets the more people start worrying. This date was supposed to be the end of the world by the ancient Maya tribes. However nobody knows for sure how will all that story end. Maybe there still would happen a great disaster that may make the humankind vanish.

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Unusual Bridges of the World

Bridges present one of the most complicated architectural constructions, and nearly the most fascinating ones as well. When you drive in a car and the road suddenly changes to a bridge, it produces a wonderful impression of flying above the land with only free space surrounding you. If the bridge is unusual, the pleasure of crossing it becomes even greater. Here is the top of the most unique bridges I dream to pass by one day on my motorcycle.

One of the most unusual and useful bridges at the same time was designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino in Italy, in region of Calabria. It is called Solar Wind and is supposed to be used as solar and wind power station which will provide several nearest towns with energy.

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